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Husain Thank you for visiting.

As the education sector within Canada continues to evolve with the international community welcoming Canadian education and the Canadian government actively encouraging ‘Internationalization’, we at ICE have stepped up our efforts to deliver value to our clients and prepare Canadian Colleges & Universities to take advantage of burgeoning developments overseas.

Our vision is that “Canadian education becomes the preferred choice internationally by attracting 20% of the world’s student mobility by the year 2020.” Albeit a bit optimistic, this vision can only be realized by setting up International liaison/outreach offices in key countries, conducting strategic and penetrative recruiting initiatives, off shore
campuses, ‘Fam’ tours for HS Counselors, Joint programming and other delivery models. ICE’s role is to proactively pioneer international recruitment techniques and market programs based on national and international developments within the education landscape which is evident in each of our new projects and events including-“Synergy” series of events held in Toronto, the India ‘Rep’ Office, unFAIR recruiting tours & “Ed-Mission” series of high level education missions to various countries.

Our team is upbeat on how Canada is viewed around the world with its world class educational offerings, and as we continue to grow ‘Brand Canada’, this requires a cohesive effort and we make a clarion call to encourage all stake holders to work together to truly make Canada a desirable destination for International students & for educational partnerships. We invite you to take advantage of these activities and look forward to working with you. It has been said “you can learn more from a guide in one day than you can in three months fishing alone”. The same can be said here.

Once again, thank you for visiting and we hope to be of service to you.

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