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The “unFAIR” concept which is far more penetrative & targeted in terms of providing specific recruiting solutions. The “unFAIR” reverses the traditional recruiting fair and instead empowers the recruiters to visit strategically selected high schools & junior colleges to interact and engage directly with students, meet guidance counselors and possibly parents of students in a relaxed ‘town hall style’ environment to discuss career goals & how to get there.
Fall Asia Middle East 2007

This grueling event took a lot out of the delegates who rolled with the punches and although components of the tour were optional, there were some die hard recruiters that traveled with us for the entire tour and were they tired by the end, or what.
Spring Asia Middle East 2006

Our ‘smallest delegation’ to date, we experimented with strategic High School visits rather than highly publicized (and expensive) fairs and the returns were rather encouraging. We met students in familiar environment, at their HS’s or Colleges who were quite forthcoming about their North American educational plans.
Fall Asia Middle East 2006

Attended by thousands of students over 3 weeks in India and UAE, this was a feisty event conducted against the backdrop of political uncertainty as well as US and Canadian Universities facing a decline in enrollment figures, particularly from the Middle East.
India Spring Expo 2005

With the Rotary club that assisted in logistical coordination, this event was smooth and seamless in precision from an event management perspective as well as from an Institutions perspective.
Fall Asia Middle East 2005

Our ‘largest delegation’ to date traveled several Indian education centers and some brave ones also took on the Middle East. We had a very diverse group of seasoned recruiters and by the end of the tour, we were one big happy family.
India Spring Expo 2004

For hundreds of Indian students this spring, attending the India Spring Expo 2004 was a career guide toward studying in the US and Canada. Organized by the International Center For Education Inc., India Spring Expo 2004 was held on the 1st and 2nd of May at hotel Holiday Inn, Juhu.
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