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Eligibility Criteria & the Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is an anonymous advisory body comprised of three individuals from major Canadian academic institutions across Canada. ICE staff and the Membership Committee are bound by a confidentiality Agreement to maintain any & all Agency information in strict confidence. The Membership Committee may advise ICE as to the agency’s reputation and history of business practice. Candidate Agencies will be granted membership providing they meet the following eligibility criteria:

Eligibility Criteria:
  • CIEC Agent Membership is available for international recruitment agencies and established self-employed counsellors offering recruitment services to Canadian colleges and universities accredited by the CMEC – Council of Ministers of Education, Canada.
  • The Candidate Agency must have two (2) years of experience recruiting international students as of the Date of Application and provide 3 Canadian references.
    • If an agent does not meet this requirement, CIEC may use their discretion in granting CARE membership.
  • If there is documentary evidence that an agency is found to have engaged in unethical, unlawful or fraudulent business practices or is deemed a potential hazard to ICE and/or in the opinion of the Membership Committee is considered not suitable or qualified, they will be asked to withdraw themselves from being considered for CIEC Membership.
Unsuccessful agencies will be sent a ‘Letter of Recommendations’ and given 8 weeks to correct any deficiencies. However, the Membership Decision cannot be contested or overturned if the agency is unable to satisfy the recommendations passed by the Membership Committee. If an agency is not able to correct their deficiencies in the time allotted, they may re-apply for CARE Membership after 1 year.
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