President's Message

CARE is a simple two-step, inclusive process that:
  • Strategically positions agents in an increasingly fierce and competitive international environment
  • Provides them the resources to succeed in Canada’s international education sector
  • Promotes ethical student recruitment by encouraging agents to evaluate their business practice and recognizes them for their efforts
As a CARE Member, you will (read below for detailed benefits):
  • Tap into the ICE Network
  • Promote ethical student recruitment
  • Gain exposure amongst key players
  • Enjoy opportunities for involvement at ICE signature events
  • Gain access to valuable resources
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Detailed membership benefits include:
  • New! - After receiving feedback from academic institutions across Canada, Agent Members will be recognized on the ICE website for their record of engagement with Canadian Academic Institutions. ICE will conduct academic reference checks and publicize the agency’s average score in key areas. This Canadian academic institutions the means to conduct peer-reviews of education agents and solidifies & publicizes CARE Members’ commitment to ethical and quality student recruitment.
  • Use of CARE logo on website, business cards, letterheads, publications and goodwill of the ‘ICE’ brand
  • Display of CARE – Recognized Membership Certificate and Membership Statement on your publication/marketing initiatives
  • Listed as a recognized CARE agent on ICE’s website (with a dynamic profile linking to your services) and social networking platforms
  • Greater visibility and recognition by academic and government institutions in both Canada and internationally
  • Access to Annual CARE Seminars organized in one or more major Indian cities
  • Training and testing by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAIT) available to CARE Agents
  • Access to and exposure at ICE networking events such as quarterly webinars
  • Personalized assistance & insights in growing your network of reputable Canadian institutions & other on the ground support ICE is able to provide to assist in student recruitment
Need for CARE
  • Regulation for the burgeoning education agency / consulting sector in Canada
  • Need for a consolidated database of ‘Agents & Consultants’
  • Map the potential from different ‘Agents & Consultants’ to measure ROI from different referral sources
  • Increase accountability and responsibility of ‘Agents & Consultants’ towards students and Institutions they represent
  • Safeguard against deceptive and questionable activities & helps protect students
Benefits of CARE for education agents
  • Saves cost and valuable time by ‘pooling resources’ for Institutions
  • Improve efficiency within the recruiting process
  • Greater exposure of the Institution to the Indian market with quality Agents & Consultants
  • Increased accountability and introduction of ‘new’ agents by providing web links & guidance
  • Pan India database covering agents & counsellors in secondary and tertiary cities in India
  • Increased awareness about the different types of courses and Institutions in Canada
  • Empowering students to make informed decisions and a source of assurance for parents
  • Canadian Institutions can better understand student trends and ability and adapt their marketing and promotional activities accordingly
  • Better students = Better results = Better retention = Better reputation
Benefits of CARE for agents
  • Acquire a recognized document to validate their Organization’s willingness and continual effort to improve their services and the role they play in guiding students in the right direction
  • Increase awareness about the different education options as well as types of courses and Institutions in Canada by attending regular training sessions and networking opportunities
  • Remain informed about the latest developments and receive regular updates in Canada’s burgeoning international education sector
Students, Canadian academic institutions, visa offices and Canadian government bodies look for trusted agents recognized by their peers. Universities are keen to employ agents who can be trusted to uphold their image and will represent them honestly and efficiently.

The CARE Standards represent transparency, ability and experience, by becoming an Agent Member of the Council, you add your voice to the across-the board support for ethical student recruitment and gain exposure amongst key education players. CARE is the only one of its kind operating exclusively in the burgeoning Canada-India education corridor and aims to expand our agents' business prospects in Canada.
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